May I take this opportunity to sincerely thank the voters of South Leicestershire for entrusting me as your new Conservative Member of Parliament.

Whether you voted for me or not, I promise to help you wherever I am able and to defend our wonderful constituency at every opportunity within the House of Commons.

After the result was declared in the early hours of Friday 8th May 2015, Alberto gave the following speech:

Acting Returning Officer Sandra Whiles, Neil & Wendy, thank you and your staff for the great work you have done throughout the day and night to ensure that the wishes of the voters are met along with the assistance of the Chief Constable and our local police force.

To my fellow candidates, Amanda, Geoff & Barry. You have taken part in the democratic process and have given the voters a choice. You can be proud of that. I wish you well in your personal lives.

Thanks too to Andrew Robathan who gave our constituency 23 years of dedicated public service.

There are so many people to thank, but let me start with the two new ladies in my life, my campaign manager Ann and my agent Ruth. Thank you Ruth for being the most diligent agent any candidate could wish for. And thank you Ann for being an exceptional campaign manager.

To my chairman Peter Fuchs, the President and all members of the Association, the executive and campaign team, including Vicky, Neil, Graham, Attie, Darren, Les, Mark and David for your support and enormous effort during the campaign. To my counting agents who helped tonight including Janette, Terry, John, Anne, Jacqueline, Duncan, Warren & Valerie.

You chose me, you worked with me and you have led the party to victory once again here in South Leicestershire. Well done and thank you.

To all my helpers across South Leicestershire and in particular to the council candidates who assisted in the party’s campaign. You should be very proud of the enormous work that you have done. Thank you.

On a very personal note, I want to thank my family and close friends. My mother and father who made the United Kingdom their home in 1967, little did they imagine that their son would become a Member of Parliament and my wife Maria and daughter Sophie and son Alexander who have been my absolute bedrock throughout my journey to Parliament. Thank you.

My greatest thanks tonight go to the people of South Leicestershire who have welcomed me with open arms. To be elected as your Conservative Member of Parliament is a tremendous honour and I pledge to be your servant and to defend this wonderful constituency at every opportunity within the House of Commons.

Thank you.