A Christmas Message From Andrew Robathan MP

On Sunday, Rachael and I sang our first Carols of the season at Heather Craven’s excellent fundraising event at Misterton Hall. This is always a happy evening, but this year it seemed particularly upbeat with everyone having a lovely time and enjoying the simple pleasures of sitting in front of a warm fire, singing and listening to poems.

We all know that the last couple of years have been tough for everyone as we struggle to deal with the unwanted Christmas present of debt left to us by the Labour government. However, while this will continue to be tough for some time, I think Christmas and the New Year is a time when we should remind ourselves of the many positive things around us and I hope we will all try to hang up our stockings with an extra spring in our step this year – apart from me with two dodgy hips, of course .

For anyone needing to count their blessings here are some – in no particular order

  1. The 2012 Olympics shows that no one can throw a party like the Brits.
  2. And what about all those medals….a fantastic sporting achievement.
  3. Britain has HM the Queen as Head of State – think of possible elected alternatives!
  4. What about James Bond eh..?! Not bad considering he must be over 80 by now.
  5.  A country with spotted dick, bangers & mash and toad in the hole can’t be all bad.
  6. After all this rain, and a forecast of freezing cold winter, we must be due a glorious summer.
  7. At last we have a tennis player with a credible chance of winning Wimbledon.
  8. We kept the pound – always a good one to remember.
  9. Eds Miliband and Balls – despite their best efforts – are no closer to the keys to Downing St.
  10. And, of course, the Christmas tree in 10 Downing St comes from Dunton Bassett this year.


Finally, for any Conservative needing a reason to be cheerful let me leave you with this thought. Britain’s first holiday camp was Dodd’s Socialist Holiday Camp at Caister on Sea in Norfolk which opened in 1906. Alcohol was banned and any holiday maker caught talking after 11pm or with an untidy tent was thrown out. Need I say more?

Thank you to everyone for all your hard work, support and commitment this year. I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Good New Year – and if you want to have a drink, talk after 11pm or be untidy that’s fine. We’re Conservatives.