Message from the Chairman of SLCA - Neil Bannister

Message from the Chairman – Neil Bannister  Niel Bannister SLCA Chairman

At this time of national emergency it is important to adhere to the Government advice to

stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives. We know that the NHS - and indeed the Care

System - is under severe pressure at the moment due to the Covid 19 outbreak and we

must do all we can to ensure there is not a steep increase on demand in the NHS. Our

thoughts also are with the key essential workers who are keeping the country going.

The Conservative Government is working extremely hard in a fast moving and complex

situation. I hope we can give the Government credit and support for what they are achieving

in what has seemed to be a race against time. For example, it was particularly impressive to

see the large arenas around the country being turned into hospitals in such an amazing short


I have been in regular contact with Alberto and he has been very helpful with how matters

are progressing at a national level. It has been good to share this information with our

Campaign Group.

The SLCA will continue to function and the Officers are in regular contact with each other by

conference calling, Zoom technology and a whatsapp group. Although the office is closed

Vicky is able to work from home and I endeavour to speak with her daily. The SLCA phone

has now been diverted so Vicky can pick up your messages but please keep any calls to the

regular opening hours of the office. Understandably events and campaigning are suspended

until further notice. I am grateful to Rosie for getting our Newsletter out and to Vicky and all

the Officers for their help at this time.

I recently sent a letter out asking if we know of anyone who is truly isolated and needs

support – as well as asking if anyone wishes to volunteer to help. With John Richardson’s

assistance we have got a number of contacts now to pass on to those that wish to help.

Thank you to all who have been in touch.

As soon as we are able we will resume the Association’s political and social events.

Meanwhile please accept my thanks for your continued patience and support.

Please keep safe and take care of yourselves and those dear to you.

Neil D Bannister

Chairman, SLCA

For further information or if you wish to Join the Conservative Party please contact


SLCA Office 01455 283594

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