Cllr Mrs Rosita Page

Leicestershire County Council: Lutterworth

Harborough District Council: Ullesthorpe

Rosita Page has lived in the area for over 30 years, always being very involved within the local community and her two grown up daughters attended local schools. She has actively represented you at District Council since 1999 and County Council since 2005. Representing at District, the villages of Bittesby, Bitteswell, Claybrooke Magna, Claybrooke Parva and Ullesthorpe and at County representing these villages plus Lutterworth.

Rosita is keen to work with you and other agencies in order to represent your interests and meet your needs. She is a motivated, hard-working, well rounded and able politician with a vast range of experience.

Rosita is acutely aware of her responsibilities as a Councillor, in particular, she finds responding to the needs of the individuals who make up the local community highly rewarding.
Having held many important and influential positions at Harborough District Council, she was honoured to be appointed as Chairman of the Council for 2010/2011 and as Chairman of the Leicestershire County Council in 2013/2014.


Leicestershire County Council:

Division: Lutterworth

District: Harborough

Parish: Bittesby ; Bitteswell ; Claybrooke Magna ; Claybrooke Parva ; Lutterworth ; Ullesthorpe

Harborough District Council:

Ward: Ullesthorpe

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Janette has been a member of Lutterworth Town Council for 30 years and served three terms as Town Mayor.

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I am a 44 year old mum living and working locally, I operate the family Sunday markets and outdoor events business.

My partner is a long standing Parish and District Councillor so I have attended meetings and worked closely with him on many different local projects.  I am delighted to have been selected as one of the three Conservative candidates for the Stanton and Flamville Ward.