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We're an active association with plenty of events throughout the year. Please have a look around this website for these events, as well as news, campaigns and the people involved. For information about our Conservative Member of Parliament, Alberto Costa, please visit his page Alberto Costa, or visit his website, Please feel free to contact us


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County Council, PCC and by-elections 2021 - Postal Votes The Government has confirmed that the planned local elections for May of this year will be going ahead on 6th May 2021. Whilst we are not able to say what Covid restrictions will be in place at the time we are still planning as normal and thinking ahead to election day. If you have not registered already for a postal vote we would urge you to do so. Firstly, it will ensure that you stay safe and will not be at risk if you were to visit a polling station. Secondly, whatever the weather or circumstances on polling day you will be assured...

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